Sopas: Small $6.00  /  Large (with rice and avocado)  $13.00


Three kinds of Andean potatoes, shredded chicken and guasca Sancocho de Res (Beef Soup)
Beef, potatoes, corn and traditional seasonings

Sopa de platano

Traditional Colombian green plantain soup with peas, carrots and potato


Ensalada: Add Grilled Chicken Breast +$7.00 Add Grilled Steak or Shrimp +$9.00

Ensalada Casera

Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives and carrots in homemade garlic-lime vinaigrette $5.00 (sml) / $9.00 (lg)

Ensalada de Aguacate y Maíz con Vinagreta de Limón

Avocados, tomatoes, roasted corn kernels, bacon, romaine, and cilantro with lime vinaigrette


Ensalada de Frutas
Pineapple, mango, strawberries, papaya, grapes, watermelon and lime with sweet, toasted coconut dressing $7.00 (sml) / $15.00 (lg)

Ensalada de mango y aguacate

Romaine lettuce, mangos, avocado, and marinated red onion with balsamic vinaigrette