"We take great pride in serving only the freshest, natural ingredients we can locate
Each and every item we offer is made right here in our kitchen to assure quality and flavor
All of our meats are hand selected and trimmed"

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Breakfast every  Saturday and Sunday 

At Lincoln Ave. Starting at 10:00am

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At Las Tablas Lincoln we BYOB Wine only Monday - Thursday, there is a $5.00 Corkage Fee.

At Las Tablas Irving Park we are NOT BYOB .


Combination Plate
(2) Empanada, (2) Auras, (2) Patacones (patacones with choice of beef, chicken or guacamole)   $

Empanada Combination Plate 
(6) Sampling of our beef, chicken & cheese empandas   $15.00

Traditional stuffed turnovers in a delightfully crunchy corn flour 

(2) Beef, chicken, or cheese  $5.00

Crab Cake Aperitivo
Crab cake with tropical fruit salsa and plantain chips   $16.00

Grandma's recipe. Fried plantain stuffed with guava and cheese   $11.00

Served with plantain chips   $15.00

Shrimp ceviche with plantain chips   $14.00

Arepa Rellena
Traditional cheese-corn bread with either shredded chicken in mushroom sauce or pulled beef in salsa criolla   $11.00

Chorizo o Chicharron con Arepa
Traditional cheese-corn bread with homemade Colombian pork sausage or pork belly  $10.00

Frutos del Mar (for two)
Combination of char-grilled shrimp, calamari and baby octopus lightly marinated in a garlic-white wine sauce served with house salad  $18.00

Pulpitos al Carbon
Baby octopus, char-grilled and lightly marinated in a garlic white wine sauce served with house salad   $17.00

Patacon Pisao
Flat, crisp green plantain topped with melted cheese and either shredded chicken in mushroom sauce or pulled beef in salsa criolla   $12.00

Patacones con Langostinos o Ceviche 
Crisp, flat green plantain filled with shrimp and avocado   $17.00

Camarones o Calamares al Carbon
Char-grilled shrimp or calamari marinated in garlic, white wine sauce, served with house salad   $17.00

Sweet plantain filled with guava, topped with melted cheese   $9.00



Small $6.00  /  Large (with rice and avocado)   $13.00

Three kinds of Andean potatoes, shredded chicken and guasca

Sancocho de Res (Beef Soup)
Beef, potatoes, corn and traditional seasonings

Sopa de Platano
Traditional Colombian green plantain soup with peas, carrots and potato




Add Grilled Chicken Breast  +$7.00
Add Grilled Steak or Shrimp  +$9.00

Ensalada Casera
Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, black olives and carrots in homemade garlic-lime vinaigrette $5.00 (sml) / $9.00 (lg)

Ensalada de Aguacate y Maíz con Vinagreta de Limón
Avocados, tomatoes, roasted corn kernels, bacon, romaine, and cilantro with lime vinaigrette   $14.00

Ensalada de Frutas
Pineapple, mango, strawberries, papaya, grapes, watermelon and lime with sweet, toasted coconut dressing $7.00 (sml) / $15.00 (lg)

Mango y Aguacate Ensalada
Romaine lettuce, mangos, avocado, and marinated red onion with balsamic vinaigrette   $14.00


Lo Mas Rico


Combine any two of the following:
Entrana skirt steak (house specialty), chicken breast (pollo al ajillo), pork loin, calamari, baby octopus, or shrimp. Grilled to perfection and served with sweet plantain, yuca, and potato   $28.00     Add Rice and Beans + $3.00

Bandeja Paisa
Char-broiled, Colombian-style cut rib-eye steak served with fried pork belly, chorizo, rice, beans, fried egg, sweet plantain and avocado   $28.00

Entraña skirt steak served side-by-side with pollo al ajillo. Served with sweet plantain, yuca and potato   $27.00     Add Rice and Beans + $3.00


Add Rice and Beans + $3.00

Entraña (specialty of the house)
Tender, juicy, and flavorful char-broiled skirt steak   $28.00

Carne Asada
Char-broiled, Colombian-style cut rib-eye steak   $23.00

Char-broiled, butterfly-cut N.Y. strip steak   $29.00

Smaller portion of the Churrasco with the same great taste   $23.00


Picadas para Dos

Picada Colombiana
Combination of the most popular Colombian food. Entraña skirt steak (house specialty),  pork loin, and chicken breast all grilled and sliced to perfection. Also comes with homemade chorizo, pork ribs, arepa, crunchy green plantain, sweet plantain, yuca and potato   $47.00

Picada Mar y Tierra
All of the above plus grilled shrimp, calamari and baby octopus al ajillo   $65.00

Del Mar

Crab Cake Plato
Crab cakes with tropical fruit salad, plantain chips and crispy potato   $29.00

Camarones al Carbon

Char-grilled shrimp lightly flavored in a garlic-white wine marinade   $29.00

Calamares a la Parilla

Char-grilled calamari lightly flavored in a garlic-white wine marinade   $26.00

Pulpitos al Carbon

Baby octopus, char-grilled and lightly marinated in a garlic white wine sauce   $26.00

Pargo Rojo al estilo de la costa Colombiana
Crispy, whole red snapper in the manner of costal Colombia with  rice and salad   $27.00

Salmón a la Parrilla con Guascas y Huevo
Char-grilled salmon with guascas and quail egg, sautéed broccoli and potato   $28.00



Pollo Relleno
Seasoned chicken breast stuffed with spinach and cheese. Served with rice, salad and sauteed potato   $24.00

Pollo al Ajillo
Grilled, boneless chicken breast flavored with a light hint of a garlic-white wine sauce. Served with fried plantain, yuca, and potato    $23.00 Add Rice and Beans + $3.00

Arroz con Pollo
Boneless chicken breast with rice, peas and traditional flavors    $22.00

Al Lado

Rice      Criolla Salsa     Yuca     Egg     Potato     Plantain         $3.00

Rice & Beans     Arepa     Chicharron     Chorizo     Broccoli     Asparagus    Patacón       $5.00

Chips       $6.00



Costillas de Cerdo a la Brasa con Salsa de Maracuya

Char-grilled, smoked pork ribs with passion fruit BBQ sauce, crispy yuca and tropical slaw   $28.00

Chuletas Frita
Crispy, golden brown, boneless pork chops, served with fried plantain, yuca and potato   $23.00





served with green plantain chips $13.00

Combination Plate
(2) Empanada, (2) Auras, (2) Patacones (patacones with guacamole) $22.00

Empanada Vegetariana
Cheese  (two) $5.00

Arepa Montada
Cheese corn bread. Soy meat and avocado $11.00

Rice, beans, house salad, sweet plantain, fried yuca, avocado, and BBQ soy meat  $15.00

Paella Vegetariana
Delicious combination of rice flavored with criollas sauce, beans, broccoli, mushroom, and yuca. served with green plantain.

For one $16.00 - For two $25.00

Sopa de Platano
Traditional Colombian green plantain soup with peas, carrots and potato
Small $6.00 / Large $13.00

Sautéed Vegetables
Tantalizing sautéed with brocoli, carrots, cucumber, mushrooms and sesame seeds. Served with rice and plantain $14.00


Kids Menu

Chicken Nuggets     $8.00

kid Burgers     $10.00

Kid Chicken Sandwich    $9.00

Fruit Cup    $6.00


Coconut Flan         Tres Leches        Chocolate Mousse Cake     Oreo Cake     Figs  with Dulce de Leche        $8.00


Colombian Fruit Juices
Made with natural purée’s (Mango, Blackberry, Passion Fruit, Guanabana, Soursop, Lulo)      $5.00          Whith Milk    $6.00

Las Tablas Limonada
Made with fresh squeezed limes     $6.00  

Limonada de Coco
Fresh coconut lemonade   $7.00

Colombian Soft Drinks
Colombiana or Manzana    $3.00

Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite,Orange or Cranberry Juice or Lemonade    $3.00


Colombian Coffee

Capuccino $5.00

Espresso $3.00

Americano $3.00

Hot Tea / Ice tea $4.00

Hot Chocolate $4.00


Cócteles y Bebidas de la Firma Clásica

Hand-Crafted Cocktails, Mojitos and Martinis-made with fresh natural ingredients

Sangria $9.00 / $27.00 pitcher
Red wine, brandy, triple sec, orange juice

Refajo $9.00 / $27.00 pitcher
Amstel light, colombiana soda

Mojito $11.00
Rum, fresh lime, fresh mint, sugar

Fresh Fruit Mojito $13.00
choice of fresh mango, strawberry, kiwi, blackberry or pineapple

Manzana Jengibre $10.00
Ginger brandy, manzana apple soda

Caipirinha $12.00
Cachaca, fresh lime, sugar

Caipiroska $12.00
Vodka, fresh lime, sugar

Tamboreo $13.00
Cachaca, fresh blackberries, fresh lime, sugar

Cantadora $13.00
Cachaca, fresh strawberries, fresh lime, sugar

Submarino $12.00
Aguardiente, cognac, fresh mint, grenadine

Basil Cucumber Collins $12.00
Cucumber vodka, basil leaves, lemon juice

Piña Colada $12.00
Dark rum, coconut cream, pineapple juice

Colombian Mimosa $10.00
Sparkling wine, passion fruit juice

Banana Mojito $11.00
Banana rum, fresh lime, fresh mint, sugar

Paloma $13.00
Tequila, St. Germain, fresh lime, grapefruit juice, agave nectar

Bloody Mary $12.00
Vodka, our own bloody mix, garnish

Colombian Sazarec $14.00
Colombian rum, bulleit Rye, Amaretto, frangelico


Classic Martini $13.00
Gin, vodka, vermouth

Chocolate Martini $14.00
Godiva chocolate, creme de cacao, vodka, half and half

Rum Chocolate $11.00
Rum, creme de menthe, creme de cacao, half and half

Fresh Fruit Martini $14.00
Made with your choice of fresh kiwi, blackberry, strawberry, mango or pineapple

Add Fresh fruit + $2.00

Dario $10.00
Sauza giro tequila, triple sec, sour mix

Mejor $13.00
Casadores tequila, cointreau, sour mix

Las Tablas $15.00
Don Julio reposado, grand mariner, fresh lime, agave nectar


Carivin Tempranillo $11.00 / $35.00
Santiago Quierolo Shiraz $10.00 / $35.00
Lisa Bella Pinot Noir $10.00 / $35.00
Los Haroldos Cabernet Sauvignon $11.00 / $35.00
Los Haroldos Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve $13.00 / $40.00
Los Haroldos Malbec $10.00 / $30.00
Los Haroldos Malbec Reserve $13.00 / $40.00
Simone Cabernet Sauvignon $10.00 / $30.00
Simone Merlot $10.00 / $30.00


Papi Moscato $10.00 / $30.00
Lisa Bella Pinot Grigio $10.00 / $30.00
Simone Chardonnay $10.00 / $20.00
Simone Sauvignon blanc $10.00 / $30.00

Los Harolds Chardonnay $10.00 / $30.00

Los Haroldos Extra Brut $10.00 / $30.00

Tabernero Borgoña $10.00 / $30.00
Lisa Bella Gran Rose $10.00 / $30.00


MGD Miller Light Bud Light $4.00

Amstel light, Bohemia Corona, Heineken Modelo Especial, Negra Modelo Pacifico, Blue Moon  $5.00

Half Acre Daisy Cutter, Lagunitas IPA, Goose Island 312 $6.00


Mojito $7.00
Mojito Fruta $8.00
Piña Coloda $7.00

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